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Plagiarism! Plagiarism! 25 Fun Games and Activities to Teach Documenting and Sourcing Skills to Students - By Kathleen Fox

To order go to: http://www.highsmith.com/upstart/search/the%20pirates%20of%20plagiarism/

The write-up in the Highsmith/Upstart Books catalog:

Are you ready to have some fun with referencing? That’s right: learning proper sourcing can be enjoyable for students, and plagiarism minimized in the process! For too long, getting students in the habit of correct sourcing has been a challenge for many teachers and media specialists. After all, it can be a dry and confusing subject. But it doesn’t have to be! A great companion to the UpstartBooks picture book The Pirates of Plagiarism (No. H175359) , Plagiarism! Plagiarism! is designed to help educators cleverly introduce the importance of citing work through unique games, activities and reproducibles. It addresses basic questions and concepts pertaining to plagiarism, including

  •  What is plagiarism
  •  What is right and what is wrong
  •  What is a source
  •  Where can good information be found
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