About the Authors


Lisa Downey is a children’s book illustrator and writer.  She likes cats, the beach and the color yellow. When she is not in her studio writing and illustrating books for children she is in the kitchen making something yummy. Lisa and her husband, Len, and their two cats live in Hawaii.

You can see Lisa's artwork and other books she has illustrated at


Kathleen Fox is a former school librarian. She likes dogs, cats, and the color purple. When she is not in her sunny studio writing books for children and creating whimsical paintings, she is in her beautiful garden making things grow. Kathleen and her husband, Steve, their two dogs and one cat live in South Carolina.

Kathleen has also created several educational games that develop library and research skills. Go to Kathleen’s web site http://www.librarygames.com/about.htm to find games, music and videos that will make learning fun!

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